Monday, 29 August 2011

Independence Day

Independence Day on August 15th was a national holiday, however at Deep Griha Society there was a morning ceremony to raise the Indian flag.

I arrived at 8.30am and all the staff were standing outside the building along with children from the Adhar Kendra Programme (sponsored children).
All around the flagpole was rangoli art and flower petals, it was beautiful.

Rangoli art and petals.

Rangoli art and petals.

I made the mistake of taking a few pictures of the pole and rangoli art because I was then mobbed by loads of children who all wanted their photos taken. I enthusiastically took a few, but it soon got annoying and every time I went to put my camera away they would ask me for ‘One more photo!’ Eventually after about 15 photos of them in various group arrangements, I was able to tell them ‘enough, no more’ and put my camera away.

Some of the Adhar Kendra children.

'One more photo!'

It was a really short ceremony, it started with everyone singing the Indian National Anthem and saluting as the flag was raised. Then a bunch of flowers was presented to a guest of honour (I’m not too sure who he was though). Then small groups of children sand to the crowd, which was so sweet as some of them were so little! Finally it was finished off with chai (spiced Indian tea) and biscuits for everyone.

Some of the staff saluting.

Children singing.

Cute! They are so little!

If you want more information about Deep Griha Society or are interested in helping them continue to do the brilliant work that they do for the people of Pune, India, 
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Hans ter Horst said...

Doesn't it feel weird to celebrate the day India kicked the British out? :-)

RAY DAY said...

Yeah it did feel a bit strange, being the one English person there, slightly ironic.