Friday, 25 February 2011

Moving In - 1st February 2011 - First full day in Pune.

Well my first night’s sleep in Pune was hot! Even with the ceiling fan on I was boiling, but I didn’t want to sleep on top of the blanket because I’d probably get bitten to death by the mosquitoes. A couple of times in the night I was woken up by them whining past my ears! So I ended up sleeping with the blanket over my head too! I really don’t like the noise of them it really freaks me out! Yuck!

Monday, 21 February 2011

First Day - although now I've been here nearly a month.

(Don't get scared off by the length/ amount of these first posts. Due to not having access to the net until now I'm having to catch myself up. Hopefully I'll be able post more regularly after these).

Well, I've arrived! I'm finally here in India!

I left a very cold and blustery Heathrow on 30th January 2011 and landed in a very sunny and warm Mumbai on the 31st January at about 11.30 India time. I was very relieved to be back on solid ground and all in one piece. I don't like flying at all, so spending 9 hours on a very uncomfortable plane all on my own wasn't much fun. Every bump or wobble seemed to scare me a bit, but hey I got through it with the help of some wine and two and a half men. ;)