Thursday, 10 March 2011

First Friday

Well on my first Friday in Pune (4th February), we were supposed to be meeting up with some of Tom’s work mates at a place called The Ship. Unfortunately they all had to cancel on us last minute which was disappointing because I had really been looking forward to going out and meeting them all. I decided that we should still go to The Ship anyway, just the two of us.

The Ship is a pub/restaurant a short walk away in a street to the right of Kalyani Veg. Nestled in between a clothes shop and a mobile phone shop, is an entrance with a staircase that leads up to the first floor above the clothes shop.

When you walk in you are greeted with all sorts of different nautical memorabilia and the ceiling is covered with drapes of cream canvas material. It is a large open room with an oval bar in the middle that is surrounded by wooden bar stools and tables. Around the circumference of the room are booths next to the windows that are partially covered with swathes of linen made to look like sails.

The whole place reminded me of an American style theme restaurant mixed with the comfy-ness of an old English pub. I really liked it, however the air con was turned on way too much, it was almost Arctic!

The food they serve is a mixture of American, Mexican and European dishes. I decided to have a Chicken Burrito whilst Tom had a Juicy Lucy Burger (a beef burger filled with lots of melted cheese). To wash it all down with, you can have practically any drink you want, from cocktails to beers to wines and spirits. We just went for large (well massive in fact!) tankards of Kingfisher beer- an Indian beer which is a light and fizzy larger.

In the corner of the room, was a DJ behind a small desk who was playing ‘Old Skool’ dance hits from the nineties and love songs by Richard Marx, Lionel Ritchie and Bryan Adams; which I thought was a very strange mix of music.

Kicking out time was 11pm, which seemed really early, I suppose because I am used to going out in the UK and staying out until gone 12am. However, it was really good to go out for a few drinks and just stroll home rather than rushing for the last tube and probably missing it.

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