Saturday, 12 March 2011

End of 1st week in Pune - Feb 6th

We went out for dinner at a place called ABC Farms, which is basically a collection of about six restaurants on a piece of land that used to belong to a farm. In fact you can still get dairy products at the back of the complex.
ABC Farms is situated just the other side of the river and instead of turning right at the crossroads towards Koregaon Park, you turn left and it is a less than a minutes’ walk away on the left next to the large Westin Hotel.

We went into an open-air restaurant called Curve which served Italian as well as Indian food. I decided to have Indian and had an interesting curry (that I can’t remember the name of) that was batter coated deep fried mushrooms in a coriander and spicy tomato sauce, accompanied by some roti’s (similar to chapatti’s) and a garlic nan. It was delicious!

When eating out, we are now tending to eat Indian food in the traditional Indian way, by having curries without rice and using breads such as roti, paratha and nan as scoops instead of using cutlery. I find eating with my hands quite difficult sometimes because you are only supposed to use your right hand when handling your food, (using your left hand is seen as bad manners). However, I think my skills of ripping my bread with one hand is improving, although, I do have to cheat from time to time and use my fork to hold the bread as I rip it.

For pudding I had a chocolate brownie with ice cream. It was the most amazing pudding ever! It came out on a sizzling hotplate and all the chocolate sauce was bubbling and the ice cream was starting to melt all around it. I think Tom had a bit of pudding envy, he was eating some layered chocolate mousse which was nice but it was no way  near as good as mine! Yum!

Waiting for us when we got home that night, was a bottle of wine that I had brought with me to India. It was a bottle that I had bought my nana Dor for Christmas last year and she never got around to drinking it. I thought it’d be quite special and cool to drink it on her birthday and make a toast to her - so we did. It was a nice end to an lovely evening and an amazing first week in Pune.

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