Sunday, 4 September 2011

New Toy!

So, after leaving me alone in India for two weeks whilst he went back to the UK, Tom returned on Monday. It was brilliant to see him and I really missed him, but I was also very excited he was back because he brought my birthday present with him - a new camera!

It’s a red Pentax K-r and amazing! I love it! I’ve never had a DSLR before and I’m really excited to use it! However it has so many settings and controls, it’s going to take me an age to learn what each one does!

Watch this space for future pictures that I take with it! Hopefully they will be good!

Camera with wicked new camera bag!

Top view.

Front view.

1 comment:

Hans said...

Congrats, that is a really good looking camera; the Pentax K-r is getting some fabulous reviews so now it is only up to you to produce those shots :-)
Let me know if you want to learn about HDRI or stitching photos into panoramas.