Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Marathon - Day 3

Day 3 was a slow start. Before coming out here, my dad was trying to organise a sightseeing trip for us all to see Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Unfortunately the trip we had fell through so organising another one is what we spent most of the day doing. After waiting for email responses and phone calls back and forth, we finally got another tour sorted through Go Heritage Journeys India. Phew! It was a relief considering we were supposed to be going in two days from then.

In the afternoon, I took my parents to see the Aga Khan Palace. I think it is the nicest and prettiest place to spend time in Pune. They seemed to like it too and we all felt it strange to think that we were walking on the same path, corridors and grounds that Gandhi had once done. We sat on a bench in the grounds for what seemed like ages, just soaking it all up.

In the grounds of Aga Khan Palace

Mum and dad

Me and mum next to a cool, rare white auto rickshaw!

That evening, we had been kindly invited to dinner by my friend Kaajal and her family, which was such a lovely gesture. My parents we so thrilled to have been asked. We were invited to her mum and dad’s house in another area in Pune called Wanowrie which is South West.

We were picked up by car by Kaajal and her husband Priyag and the ride there was about half an hour. We greeted at the door by Kaajal’s mum and were later joined by Kaajal’s brother, her father, unfortunately was away on business. Their house is a beautiful house on a really nice Society. It has an amazing double height living room with large doors that lead out into the garden. Overlooking the living room is a balcony/upstairs landing that looks like it would’ve been great fun as kids to throw paper planes of into the living room below.

For dinner we all ate chicken biryani, which was delicious! I ate so much I was totally stuffed! There was so much food, every time you thought you’d eaten it all, there was more!

We all had such a good evening and conversation seemed to flow really easily, which is always a relief when meeting new people. Both our families seemed to have lots of similarities, both of our fathers, brothers and partners are jokers who love winding us up all the time!

I think it was great for my parents to meet Kaajal and her family. They said that they felt more at ease with the fact that I’m out here, now that I have some lovely people that I can turn to. 

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