Saturday, 16 April 2011

Making friends

I've been going to the gym everyday and it is exhausting but also really (surprisingly) fun! Everyday at 11am there is some sort of aerobics class. Tuesdays and Saturdays are Bollywood themed and focus mainly on learning a set of moves and putting them all together into a routine to Bollywood songs. It is really good, however I have found out that I am not very good at it. There is a lot of hip wiggling and it is a bit tricky to make myself look graceful. I seem to look like a gyrating hippo in the mirrors that we dance in front of!

On my third day of 'gyming' I got chatting to a girl in the aerobics class called Kaajal. She told me that her name means eyeliner and you should wear black eyeliner along your bottom eyelashes to ward off bad spirits. I think it's really nice that some names seem to have lovely meanings. I wish I knew the meaning of my name. The only thing I know about my name is that it was originally a misspelling on my family's part when they christened me! Ha ha, Nice!

Kaajal invited me out for coffee (well tea for me) later and she picked me up in her car outside my apartment. We drove just down the road to ABC Farms and went to a cafe called Aromas. The first thing she said when we sat down outside under the trees was, ' Are you wearing Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior?' I was, it's my favourite perfume! I couldn't believe it, out of all the thousands of perfumes available, she could instantly tell what one I was wearing! Strange but cool! 

After chatting for a while, it turns out that she studied in the UK for a while and she lived just down the road from me when I lived in North London! It really is a small world! (She also now just lives down the road from me as well, you can just about see her house from my terrace). Kaajal is a freelance journalist but at the moment she is concentrating on her own home furnishings business called Ka'al Kay. She has a stall at a market every Sunday which located outside Ishanya Mall (the mall I mentioned in a previous post). 

We sat and chatted really comfortably at the cafe for an hour or so before Kaajal dropped me off at home. We arranged to meet up again very soon and she promised she would take me to a few places that I must go to, such as a large supermarket in town that sells practically everything and a busy shopping street called MG Road, which is cool. It was really lovely to sit and chat with her, we seemed to get on really well and it made me feel as if I had made some progress on making a life for myself in India. 

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El said...

Well done Ray, sounds like your starting to settle in.